Balloons-N-More was established in 1989. We have expanded to the web in order to try to better serve our customers.  We specifically left prices off of our website so that we can give you, the customer, the best deal possible. We strive for cost effectiveness but we maintain a high level of quality. This website was designed as a catalog to help customers come up with a good idea of what we offer, and what we can provide.

Orders can be places at

We also Offer Discounted Invitations

- 30% off invitations

-mailed directly to your home

- For weddings and all occasions

-Invitation, napkins, Matches etc.



---- Some Answers for you! ----

Q. Why Balloons Decor ?

A. It's the most affordable way, with more volume and impact than any other method at 10 to 15% of their cost.


Q. Do we do Arches? 

A. Absolutely!! Single, Single with streamers, Double, Triple, and Quad Cluster, square, crisscross, decorated metal, illuminated, walk through hearts and anything else you can imagine.


Q. Do we Deliver?

A. We have a perfect  record of "Before-on-time" Delivery. We are never late. However pick-up prices are available at savings to you.


Q. Do we have packages?

A. Sorry-No. We never could figure out a fair price to suit everyone. We added and subtracted and realized it was less expensive for people  to choose exactly what they needed. besides, now  we have no minimum purchase necessary.


Q. What do we decorate?

A.  Alters, churches, halls, showers, rehearsals, tables, floors, walls, and some ceilings: not all


Q. How soon should you reserve your date?

A.  A.S.A.P. We can only do 4 parties per day (may be less.) First come  first-served. As little as $50 will hold your date. 


Q. Do we accept credit cards?

A. Master, Visa, Discover, American X and cash


Q. Will you be happy?

A. You will be ecstatic and refer us to others


Q. Really?

A. Honest we promise


P.S. We have invitations and accessories at discounted prices up to *****30% off*****


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